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The beauty in the rainy day...

I love this day. It may be simply nostalgia, but I really enjoy the occasional rainy, cloudy day. Since I come from Holland, the nostalgia part is not a surprise. My whole childhood was drenched in it. What actually constitutes the surprise is the fact that I basically escaped from there since the rain was putting a cloud over my head, so to speak. Now, after 47 years, I feel the soft longing for those very still days accompanied by the silent drizzling sound of the rain. Somehow it calls me to a deeper depth of relaxation, a profound delightful nothingness which doesn’t ask for explanations neither for actions to be taken. Such was the day of today. I woke up with an immediate to-do list but slowly the inner noise of that calling started to fade out and lo and behold I realized I could do without any of the planned actions, all washed away by the gentle rain. It has like a neutral cleaning effect. It doesn’t give me the why’s or why-not’s – it simply keeps moving, keeps sounding, keeps being itself. It seems like a healing balm. It comes to me that I feel the same around people who are totally non-judgmental (not many, I must add), they simply move, say simple words of kindness, and simply are themselves. How refreshing and healing is their presence… and in its non-judgmental atmosphere, one feels safe to relax, and freely the peace of naturalness flows into our being as well, or actually re-emerges since it is natural it is already here just hidden by the noisy doing-ness of daily life. And so the shower of rain I welcome with all my being because it brings me to this place of being drenched in its soothing bath of inner silence.

My blog of this week turned out to be just that ...a wish for all of us to be refreshed by the remembrance of our natural-ness.

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