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Playfulness - A poem by Jeannette

What else is truly noteworthy in our day to day happenings,

I love playfulness

It entails light wisdom from the heart,

it brings about ease for the mind,

it causes a skip in our walk,

creates a smile on our face,

it brings up a deep embracing breath of relief,

it allows the grip of worldly life to loosen

and somehow, effortlessly

we become aware of a gentle ‘now’,

and somehow, effortlessly

the seriousness of life has lifted.

Once again the play we lost when growing up

has returned

and as children, now aware of the web of mental madness

we open up

we smile

we laugh

we embrace

tenderness takes over

and the Play of the Day finds its rest

in the horizon of a content heart

Playfulness has become gentleness

and gentleness calls our soul to full expression.

Yes , I love playfulness...

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