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Video discussing Chapter 13: Endurance!

Below is just the transcript of the video from Youtube. It has a lot of mistakes that I don't have time to edit, but apparently by having the words, it helps with search engine discoverability:

hi i'm jeanette cruz and i'm here with my son quentin and we are the authors of conversations from the soul the unique exchange between mother and son so here we are very uniquely here and we are going to talk a little bit about the chapter that is next in our series and it is endurance and yearns what a powerful word yeah

powerful in one way and steady and natural another way i feel powerful in the way that um as i go into it at first in the chapter when we think about we have to endure this and we have to endure that and also physical things and mental things and emotional things and coming to the more gentle approach or understanding for me it was just an understanding that the real endurance is just the natural strength of being yeah that's exactly where i was going with it in my looking into this morning i have actually no idea what i wrote about in the book do you remember what i wrote about yeah i said yes because i read it this morning and you are just totally hallelujah about all the endurance of that's poor women oh that was the chapter i went into about the struggle of womankind in the world yeah that's right so i went to that but yeah this morning what was coming to me for endurance was that we are embodiments of endurance we cannot help but endure like we will endure that's right like the human nature is to constantly endure like we've endured so much as a species as a humanity and our souls our beings will endure beyond death and no matter what we do to ourselves we're going to endure and the nature of the core nature of who we are uh will always survive and always be and always be there so that is the embodied we are the embodiments of endurance whether we feel that or not yes yes yes that's what i say you know to me i finally came to that understanding that it is actually a natural state of being and i don't have to so much push to to embrace and manifest endurance but you know for me it was very much coming from from holland i believe i was talking to my sister them team and oh my god it's just this constant power thing you know you have to endure we actually have this saying in holland and we refer to that yesterday when you say i cannot uh they say that i cannot he's in the in the cemetery he's he's buried in the cemetery he's dead and you say you cannot yeah yeah he's right but his dad yeah you know he lies in the cemetery and next to his grave is i don't want to that's really good now that is the dutch way of endurance i mean you put it up with it no matter what so i was raised with that yeah and i can see that still that is such a condition in me you have to put up with it i still got to make the breakfast of god this is a never-ending story you know and it's it's it's actually totally unnatural and i have learned through louise my my partner who is from colombia that they have a totally different attitude they are the south americans they are way more relaxed oh yeah if it's too much then they just don't do it yeah you know take a siesta or you can divide that would never come up in my mind so i was raised with this enormous push you know to to to embody endurance but i love it how you bring that up because we are an embodiment we are an environment endurance like that is actually if you get to the nature of who we are that is one of the aspects of it endurance love peace stillness all those things are the core of our beings once we get below the surface of all the mentality the mentality of endurance the idea is i have to do this and i have to do that yeah you're gonna get through it one way or another you can either scream and shout through it or you can find a lighter way of saying this is just something that has to be done right now whether it's making breakfast or vacuuming the flag or whatever it is whatever whatever it might be yeah i love it because it is that understanding and that that awareness of it makes you approach everything differently yeah so i really yes it's it's an interesting thing to to to go by so you did not receive any of my dutch inheritance of endurance i think you have so i have i mean i worked extremely hard in many things many things in my life in new york but i enjoyed that it wasn't necessarily i felt like i had endured i enjoyed the challenge i liked to see how far i could push my body like when i went into my extreme exercise phase or how far i could push myself in working like in new york city and there's a i enjoy challenges because i feel like that's what i do i feel like that's kind of i love games we all love board games we do games i just love to play games like so we were talking about that earlier how my new kind of motto in these last days have been love and play i don't want to feel stressed so i'm kind of focusing in the back of my mind if i don't feel love or playfulness in what i'm doing then i don't want to do it and so for me challenges were always a way of playing with life so let me challenge myself with this and it's like ooh i can i can achieve this thing and overcome this challenge and i feel like i've won something yeah like the prize of self-satisfaction or whatever but as far as i'm concerned like there's no reason to live except for love and play and that's pretty much it and so i've made life or those endurance challenges into a game right yeah so i don't know if that's anything to do with your dutch bringing up or not but that's how that's how it was for me i loved to push myself driving i drove uber for a while i would sometimes drive for 18 hours i just wanted to see how far how many hours i could drive you know and it wasn't like oh i have to endure this was more like look how much i'm driving this is amazing who else can do this you know it was like well i think i am the best and it has a lot to do with manhood you know for us you know as a woman his mother and you know he had the kids that scream every hour of the night you have to get up and do them endure that and the husband who wants it and the dog who needs that and for us endurance is more than that in that field you know and uh i think for that reason too i i felt from time to time suffocated because i could not just stop stop that yeah that makes sense i haven't seen like if it's a thing that you have to do like with the driving i didn't have to do it working as hard as i did you already didn't have to do it but i enjoyed it because i could choose to or not yeah yeah if you have kids in the family and you've got it you have to do it then yeah turning that into a challenge or playfulness yeah maybe i'll be able to do it i can't really speak on because i don't have children yet but um i'm talking ten years we'll talk ten years okay but tune in ten years from today for the response update we all grow i do too all right but yeah that was good so um like and subscribe the video below tune in for more uh you can check out our website our book as well and also i now have these uh shirts designed by my lovely caroline who is behind the camera we have products on our website with shirts and cups and iphone cases and soul mandalas as well that she does as well personalized personalized check it out so yeah thank you thank you

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