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Video discussing Chapter 14: Dreams!

Below is just the transcript of the video from Youtube. It has a lot of mistakes that I don't have time to edit, but apparently by having the words, it helps with search engine discoverability:

hello welcome to conversations episode i think 13 chapter 13. today we're going to be talking about dreams which is the next chapter in our book my name is quentin crew this is my mother jeanette karuth and we wrote the book conversations from the soul and we have our website group with so james that is the subject for today what would you like to say you know there are obviously two kind of dreams you know the ones that we can talk about and the ones that i dream about at night let's talk about this too what's that we can talk about those two yes actually thank you bring it up it's kind of interesting because i remember gosh how many years ago about 20 years ago i had such specific dreams you know night dreams that uh they were absolutely guiding me very very precise teachings through my dreams but anyway i don't have those anymore that's interesting you also get used to get kind of almost prophetic things well that's what i mean as well yeah things that were going to happen and they would happen oh god yes oh my god very very clearly yes yeah so no they have left me out in that

no but then we basically talk more or i joined the chapter more about the dreams that we all have as what we think about in the future and that has been also absolutely amazing so in that sense it's also prophetic you know when i was in in living in holland as a little child and gosh not knowing anything having no television and not knowing anything and how i drank this and how i drank that and how i drank that and without going into all the details right now you have to read it and everything has come true it's absolutely amazing and you do not know when you start a new phase in life that that's where it's leading you you know because it looks so contrary actually to what you what you were thinking about and then somehow it weaves itself through there and it's always always always way more than you could ever have in mind so then i what i also bring up in the book um is is and i find it's so fascinating that maybe it is just the other way around that you know there is already the plan what's that yeah like this field of potential that's already there it is totally you're just gonna be tuning in to what it's already about and then you start longing for it in order for you to reach that manifest yeah so and i like that so much better because in that is such a playfulness yeah because that allows our so-called free will to say yes or no but then still you know it's way too where it's meant to be anyway where it's meant to be so you know i think the two ways are fantastic you feel it by longing for you you've made it you know but then seeing that you've actually been guided you feel so taken care of yeah so you know those are the two things that i have discovered in in this topic of dreams yeah i'm talking about dreams and i believe this is why dreams will never end because obviously there's still more life i imagine you know so there is still a blueprint for years to come and there is still obviously the desire because life love life is the the love for creation so you know that always has a pool to go yeah yeah so don't you think that's how it works yeah that sounds very possible and i was like i liked how you said about the dreams it always turns out to be better than you could have imagined because for me like the relationship that i'm in right now is kind of like that we talk about that a lot is if i could have designed the person and said this this this and that is exactly the kind of person i want the person i ended up with there were there were so many things i couldn't have even thought about or imagined or designed or it's just it's better than i would have planned yes because we cannot see the whole potential behind our dreams yeah it it includes so so so so much more you know so i i find it a fascinating thing yeah but sorry no go ahead i was just gonna say for my part of the dreams chapter i didn't really have a lot to say on it so i ended up writing a poem uh titled dreams

uh yeah i mean i never really had tremendous aspirations necessarily that i dreamed about in life maybe just the normal things like yeah i'd like some success or uh now like dreams like to have and i have in the poem also about having a family and things like that but nothing i don't know nothing that big so it wasn't something i really had a lot to write about i didn't feel like i was trying to find a way to just be okay with whatever came in life and not to initially have well you always said as a little child you always said uh i want to help a person and they say i guess that's always been my core dream yeah when you were little you always said um for a while you wanted to be a fireman you said if i can just save someone one person's life i think i'll be happy yeah so you know so just to show that that was that was your real dream yeah it is to help people yeah it's still always been the case i still want to help people i want i want people to know that i love them because i love everybody and i guess it's kind of just i want to know how to show that and how to express that and so about trying this book and trying these videos and trying all these things it's just how i come to see it opens up a platform for me to love people maybe change somebody may uplift somebody's life or make them see things i think because we do every day actually and i i think i think it's kind of fun to what we're going to talk about right now to bring that into just a one day section you know instead of having dreams for a lifetime you know like in 20 years on all days a lot you know blah blah blah so i do remember writing after the book that that was a new concept for me just to think that uh my life is actually just this one day you know in the morning is this afternoon is the teenage years whatever whatever but then to have our dreams for one day you know what is your dream for one day you know yeah and and to go for that and very often i do have that you know thinking yeah i want to feel you know love and ease and then it it comes about somehow some way never the way i thought but you know so it it it is too in the in the bigger picture and it's truly a smaller picture yeah so we keep on dreaming yeah all right i think that's it that's it i have really nothing else to say about dreams you can follow us and like and subscribe we're dreaming about your content

we dream about meeting you someday and talking with you in person um anyway and you can also go to our website quick conversations for our book and we also have other products like shirts and mugs and phone cases and stuff like that on there so thanks for joining us see you next time


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