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Life Is Good! The birth of a blogger/blah blah-er

As I sit here at my friendly nonjudgmental keyboard, I suddenly realize that I now have put on the garb of a "blogger." It is such a new word, that I hardly know the meaning of it. This is the sweet characteristic of the phenomenon of language. It keeps creating new words, new ways of expressing itself. It is alive, it has to create. The word "google," for instance, is fairly new. In my youth, the word was unknown. More so due to the fact that no one had computers. Yes, I am that old!! And now here we are, we have made google even into a verb. It is totally common to ask somebody: "did you google it?"

And so it goes, and here I am: a brand new "blogger!" Maybe it was meant to be called a "blah blah-er!" Lots of blah blah blah going on in the social media and once we call it a blog, it shows up as a more sophisticated attempt to be heard. That is the intriguing aspect of the social media scenario, I think. A few days ago, for example, Quinten and I did our first video, and it felt like a replica of a talk show! One makes sure everything is in place. Are the chairs ok, how is the background, is the rooster in the back too loud, let's put a nice plant in the middle… and oh, let's not forget the cups to drink something out of, because all 'talking' personas on TV or video have these visibly handy. So we too brought out the appropriate cups, did our testings to see about the sound, etc., and off we went. And one feels truly like one has stepped up the game and entered a new platform, which in reality is true. To me, it feels like a game within a game, like I am a child again and playing at "pretend." It is totally delicious and so very enjoyable. We have stepped up our game and you get to be the spectator of this grand adventure. Life Is Good.

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