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Introduction to Caruth Conversations

I can no longer ignore it… my pen is pregnant! That is exactly what it feels like. Something begs to be expressed, to be born into this dimension. As with the human pregnancy, we do not know what will come of it, what form it will take, what life will be lived. And so it is with this "pregnancy." The birth and the development of this wordless flow thrown into words is what is taking place right now. Today is the day when Quinten (my son) and I will begin our first video! Together we have created this amazing written interchange of viewpoints and emotions, and lo and behold… it became a book. One thing leading to another, and here we are bringing it forth into the ether through many different ways. I am thrilled and a bit nervous to tape this first video. An excitement is tangible throughout my being, fluttering my mind, but lifting my heart and soul at the same time... and all of this sums it up: I have no choice but to go forward.

And this is my first blog post! And our first video is here:

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