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For twenty years I have been a painter, and have been fortunate enough to sell just about everything I painted. I have been called to pursue a new venue, this time with colored pencils. Many, many years ago, in my native Netherlands, I had a most dearly beloved best friend, whom I considered my mentor. Her years of painting were transformed to making birth date mandalas with colored pencils. I was fascinated by this. Her success was a huge surprise to her, she inwardly focused deeply on the person and let her intuition flow into the creation of the mandala according to the numbers of the date of birth and consequently the Life Path number of the person. The mandalas became personal objects of meditation. Even though she passed away in 1993, it was not until recently that I was awoken one night (in July 2019) with the gentle request to continue her work. It had never dawned on me, but the signs became obvious and so I listened to the calling and have embarked upon this journey. I was urged to not use stencils, all is hand drawn. 

I also do wedding/marriage mandalas specifically for the union of two people, including their life path numbers. 

I am thrilled about this work and love to delve into this with my whole heart and watch the process unfold intuitively. These mandalas are great for personal use, wonderful for birthday, anniversary or wedding gifts. 


Please provide your full name, top 3 favorite colors, and birthdate when ordering and any questions can be sent to


                                      SOUL MANDALAS 

                                           by Jeannette

Personalized Soul Mandalas by Jeannette

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