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Book description:

First of it's kind spiritual, soulful, deep dive between mother and son co-authors. A unique, original experience that takes you on an inner journey of multiple facets of discovery, introspection, and inspiration. This book contains a soulful exchange between mother and son. It was the idea of the mother to invite her son to a conversation "on paper" regarding their individual life lessons and outlooks on multiple subjects. It is an interesting journey to see how she, as a woman of 70, expresses her thoughts compared to the ideas of her 41 year old son expressed on the same topics. The wide range of topics includes 22 chapters. To mention a few, we see them dive into the encounter of daily activities, disillusions in the form of inner pain, how grace is woven through life, how endurance calls them into the rediscovery of strength, how tenderness embraces their souls, how intention plays an important role, how the past keeps knocking on today’s door, how the mystery keeps them alert, how gratitude graces their lives with its rewarding smile, how the ups and downs are a natural phenomenon in life, how inspiration guides them, and how waiting can be experienced and seen in a gentle way, etc. etc.
They not only just write about these subjects, but quite often it is interspersed by beautiful poems. Both are poets in their own right. It allows for a deeper insight into their individual souls to delve into the melody of their poetic words.
It is a unique communication between two souls, who happen to be mother and son. Through this beautiful project, they once again discover how their souls are deeply connected and their hearts richly strewn by an intense love for each other.

Editorial review:
"This wide-ranging correspondence between mother and son focuses on the wonder in the mundane and the rich rewards of the human experience. Jeannette kicks off a subject such as "Intention" with a simple, straightforward story of waking up and groggily asking what the day may have in store and coming to the realization, "I want to feel joy today." Quinten responds from a New Age perspective, ruminating on co-creation, surrendering to a Great Force, and "heal[ing] the world through the intentional purification of our inner states of being." He often adds his original poetry.
The warmth and respect between mother and son gives this exchange an easy flow; it's a pleasure to read. The calm pace and focus on each subject has the beneficial effect of allowing readers to fill in the quiet spaces with their own contributions.
In a world of hyper-frantic connection, this is a safe space in which to ponder the meaning of life." -BlueInk Review

MOBI file:Conversations from the Soul | A Unique Exchange Between Mother and Son

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