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Video on Chapter 11: Grace

Below is just the transcript of the video from Youtube. It has a lot of mistakes that I don't have time to edit, but apparently by having the words, it helps with discoverability:

hello and welcome to truth conversations my name is quinton and this is my mother jeanette and we wrote the book conversations from the soul today we'll be talking about chapter 11. chapter 11 i don't know chapter 11. and the chapter is about grace so today we will just discuss what we're feeling about grace today yeah we'll see what grace really comes out i always love love love the word grace and

to to feel what it is and to look what it is and to discover it and i also like the fact that it has different meanings as far as grace you know um because since i dance there is of course the grace the elegance so it is actually elegance you know in a sense don't you think yeah peacefulness gracefulness and the elegance you know and uh of course i love that i love that in the dance and and so on but then it's also the elegance of life there is there is this flow this beautiful natural flow and reading over the the chapter again i do not know if you you remember the enormous hardships you went through twenty went through extreme things and always something would come about and of course uh putting all this together afterwards you see that it was nothing but a thread of beautiful or orchestrated sequences to come to the understanding that it is actually grace and then of course i came back thinking about all that and writing my part of the chapter and i started to think about my things and the the hardships and how you know all the the solutions this came flying out of the sky so to speak and so i think it's kind of unfortunate that they're so identified with the troubles and etc etc because i believe grace is the totally natural flow of life yeah but we have to be we are so far removed from that natural flow that we have to be hit over the head with problems etc etc to discover it again i think that is so horrible don't you think

perhaps i guess i mean i guess you could see the problems as not problems as well though it's just it's another form of grace but this is i mean that's like kind of where the conclusion of the chapter was yeah it's just showing how things that don't seem like grace were grace in my life um like we often when we i think when humans think of the word grace we think oh i'm receiving from above the things that i need you know whether that's money or the relationship or good situations or health like oh i'm receiving the grace but in the chapters that we wrote we we write that well sometimes the things that don't look like grace are actually the most grace like it guides us to where we need to be into the people that we become and to actually see grace in every situation in all of life in every moment is actually it is grace and no matter no matter how you color it whether it's like painful or unpainful either way it's grace because it's all pushing us towards the same yeah but i think in that sense it's a good thing that we're not always aware of the fact that it's all great because i'm going to go becomes grace again yeah it's not a problem yeah yeah i think we we we purposely have to lose that sense of the um of life that it it unfolds like that we have to forget about that and scream and cry and hit our head against the ceiling or sitting i mean yeah you know we've come to the ceiling i'm sorry you know if you're tall enough that you've heard of the game too yes so you know to to remind us that there is grace so in other words i think the the duality of that is just a beautiful play of life yeah it's the natural essence of life yeah the ups and downs but in essence it's all pushing us closer to our destination so it's all great it's all great and maybe the problems can be lighter than when you're here you can say yes if you were ever say to yourself this is also great it doesn't sound so great and see what why why it's there what is there to learn from it there must be something yeah some reason for it like people are saying this will pass too yeah you know so that is having a a more determined sense of grace more conscious occurrence yeah so yes it is totally beautiful and i think especially this chapter we talk very very uh honestly yeah about what has happened to us and and the solutions that did come about and how grace was dropped into our lives yeah and then that as quinda says you know bringing it all together that yes life is a flow of grace sometimes we know it sometimes we don't but it's all it's okay it's also getting us to where we're supposed to be yeah it's all good so thank you yeah i think that was good um you can like and subscribe below you can find our book conversation with us all on amazon or on our website as well and thank you for joining us thanks


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