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Video discussing Chapter 12: Intention!

Below is just the transcript of the video from Youtube. It has a lot of mistakes that I don't have time to edit, but apparently by having the words, it helps with search engine discoverability:

hello and welcome to truth conversations again episode 12. we're talking about uh chapter 12 today which is a chapter on intention i'm quentin crew this is my mom jeanette and we're authors of this book conversations from the soul and yeah so intention that's a word that i always had a bit of a difficulty with

when the secret came out and other type of things became so popular about intending for whatever and manifesting what you wanted for me it felt kind of sticky in a way it was like oh i'm gonna make things happen or come to me that i want and i i do honestly believe in the power of attention i just believe that for you to manifest it you have to believe in 100 with every cell of your being and that's hard to say if you don't have that belief deep down inside of you how can you just simply make that happen i believe 100 with every single cell of my being that i'm gonna get a million dollars tomorrow well i don't genuinely believe that so but i believe when i got an issue but i believe if you really believed that with every cell of your body you could make it happen i just i how do i make myself bleed i wish i could do that you know so that's a problem with the whole intention thing yeah because how do you get every cell of your being because i do believe we can create anything we want if we yeah if we intend it

um i certainly did

i think that that is why they say you have to skip all that and feel the way you are going to feel when you have a billion dollars not so much okay it's coming it's coming it's coming oh they say you have to put yourself there completely in that space you know so to skip the jumping part i mean i agree with that but i also still think you can put yourself in that feeling as well because you still have to have the belief also i really know you have to if it's not there yeah it's 100 yeah it's a totally tricky it's a tricky thing so i always had a problem with the word attention in that sense because i believe in it but i don't know how we're supposed to do it necessarily you know um but i do like the idea of intention as sort of i wish for this to be this way in my life and feeling into that like you're saying and having the sense of oh how this would feel to have a bigger kitchen a bigger home or a bigger like right now i live in a very small place and it would be really nice to have a bigger kitchen and a bigger bedroom where i can actually walk around and change my clothes in the bedroom you know and i feel into that how that would feel and i intend that out into the universe it's kind of like a prayerful feeling and i i feel good about that and i and then kind of aligning myself to okay what can i do to bring this about so it's an intention and an openness to please show me god universe how to get to this place that i'm intending so it's like universe help me and i'm gonna help you by listening and following what you would like me to do to get there

so so what do you feel that is the difference between wishes desires and intention because you know okay you want you wish for it for a bigger kitchen yeah so it's also a desire it's also a design and i also want to intend for that yes so there are there the the different the different lines of that yeah you know as far as i can see you know i uh i totally agree what you have said in your chapter that uh the best way or for us i think for you or for for me and the nature we have is to more look at the okayness of all of it the the embrace of the uh the okayness of life being good being wonderful being abundant being fabulous and not

not making it separate into an intention for this and an intention for that because yes i agree the one thing i also do not like about this is if you set an intention then you have to if you start having a checklist has this come about it am i doing it right you know and then then you completely lose your sense of the abundance that is available now which might not be the abundance of a big kitchen and a big house and all of this no but we become way more connected with the abundance of life as as as it is and having faith that it develops into what we really need and that is what i love about how you approached the chapter you know at the end to put it together like that and so for for but then also you say we since we do we are this abundance and we have the power to create yes in that it's fun to create and to set an intention i do not always but uh i kind of feel in in the morning where i'm at do i feel like setting an attention do i feel and normally the detention is i want to feel good i want to feel peaceful you know and then i see the things coming at me that do not make me feel peaceful and i i have a closer look at it and so then i can really work with that intention

but it's it's difficult not to be hard on yourself because if you set an intention then okay i'm gonna do this i'm gonna do that you know i'm gonna be good i'm gonna blah blah blah blah blah then you're gonna be hard on yourself and that is also absolutely uh that's counter productive yeah that's kind of productive so i i always yeah i mean i would say like i'm happy with the place that i am at it's just that and there are moments you're like oh it would be nicer to have a bigger bedroom because it's hard to move around in it or whatever yeah but yeah i understand what you're saying to have the okayness with where you are and accepting and that's kind of that was always my mentality was to try to just be okay with whatever you have yeah but then they intended yeah and then the intentionality kind of came in it's like why not try to put that out there and see what happens yeah and i always say you know i said to my man always you know life is love it's wonderful love is great just don't take it seriously if you don't don't take it too serious with these things like you say then you become counterproductive so that is when the killer starts yeah you know i think the intent for life is to set the gentle intentions those are my final words for today intentions are best from their gentle intentions that is the message for today

so anyways that's that'll be it for today for talking about intentions we hope you found something useful in that and uh thank you for joining us you can like and subscribe below and find our book on amazon and also on our website thanks we'll see you next time

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