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To write or not to write?

Write or not write...

That is the question.

Nothing in particular comes to mind, yet the fingers are moving

and I will let the movement do the writing.

This way, I can enjoy the instant reading of the writing

and muse over its wonder

that two things can definitely exist at the same time..?!

I can somehow detect that the writing is actually the ‘being’

and my listening is the ‘doing’…

One would imagine it is the other way around,

but I absolutely feel that the writing comes from this total stillness

and the listening from a gentle source of doing.

The two go so beautifully hand in hand

that in essence no words can describe it and yet the dance continues.

I believe that the same goes in our daily life...

whatever needs to be ‘done’ gets done naturally from the source of being,

it is the listening part where we normally get frantic about the interpretations of the mind.

And instead of the silent awed listening to the natural occurrence of doing,

the listening quickly develops into an active voice of judgment

and peace is lost.

The balance is disturbed

and the fear of it all spills over into the thought of control.

How complicated we get when we have lost the innocence of awe.

How delightful to remember the distant call of it

as we allow it to come closer

and its slow approach reassures us

that this time the wonder will take firmly root

in our overactive minds,

and once again we will embrace the Silence of Doing

and the Action of Being...

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