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Thankfulness: A day of thanks by Jeannette

One of my favorite holidays is for sure Thanksgiving. The word itself already pulls me into another state of mind. It gently enfolds me with the sense of thankfulness. Giving thanks is being full of "thanks." It encapsulates both the awareness of having received and its consequence of giving thanks. It is a circle completed that indeed calls for a pause in time of our activities to dedicate some thoughtful moments to the celebration of such a delightful happening. But most of all I am thrilled that this noble sense is being felt and revered throughout the nation, the emphasis being on the inner gift rather than the distraction of the outer gifts. Even though the original birth of our Thanksgiving might not be foremost in my mind, it is the general uplifting of peaceful emotions with the added flavor of a deep felt smile that I welcome with all my heart. For most people, it does take them to that inner place of finding various reasons to be grateful. This is quite often a special ritual for the dinnertime when we dwell a bit more attentively to the many aspects of our lives for which we are thankful. For one day, the nation’s heart is beating as one. I am grateful I get to bathe once again in this flow of attentive thankfulness - grateful to all the unseen strangers who pour out this same wave of elevated mindfulness. Thank you.

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