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Poison or Perfume? A poem by Jeannette

Today I was thrown a challenge by a friend of mine. Not that she meant it as a challenge, but that is what it initially felt like for me. Since by now people know that I like to write poems, which I try to adjust to their lives and their inner states, I frequently get more requests to write. This time the request was about the difficult extremes of relationships and so it became a poem, called Poison or Perfume. I would like to share it with you:

Poison or Perfume

An unwelcome sense of tightening

courses through my body.

An unfriendly unease seems to manifest,

a suffocating grip of muscles

comes to the foreground.

What is this?

Is this the poisonous byproduct of love

is this the price we pay for love

is this the common ground

for the various phases of love?

I wonder …

since also:

the wondrous announcement of togetherness

is clearly here,

the sweet wordless presence of two souls

united in perfumed tangible silence,

the timeless passing of time unnoticed

the thrill of touch,

the call to forget all

and bathe in the joy of love.

Is this the glory of love

is this the triumph of love

is this our true essence calling us

to remind us that we are only Love..?

I wonder...

Is the anxiety of sharing space

the other side of the same coin

which shows the dwelling place

as a spaceless atmosphere

in which the two become one…

Forever seeking the balance

forever developing into higher dimensions

I hesitantly believe that

both are needed and are essential

to our growth…

to that place where words don’t reach…

And so it went, leaving us with an open question, an ever inviting invitation to silently delve deeper to establish the balance, where life embraces us with its harmony.

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