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Happy New Year 2022! A poem to bring in the LOVE!

As we go in... to 2022
My wish for me, my wish for you
May all be free
To be seen through and through
Let us not judge our fellow man
Let love be the currency that we spend
I’ll do my part, all that I can
To invest in the heart, make that a trend
Let us lift each other higher
Each day this year, I will aspire
That when I grow, evolve, and expand
We go together, holding hands
Truly are we all connected
The rich, poor, popular, and rejected
Division is for times of the past
Unity it is that will win at last
Rise up, rise up and bring your brother with you
Together, we can, we will solve any and all issues
For true change and positivity to reign
We must flush our anger down the drain
For the differences to finally really heal
We should look and find what is truly real
It is this that nobody can ever fully steal
Thoughts, opinions, and ideas abound
Division is created by all this sound
Only in the quiet is the truth found
That we all stand upon the same sacred ground
We proudly hold onto that which divides
Not knowing of the light that this pride hides
Go deeper, go deeper, we all can do better
Don’t worry, my friend, this path is together
Happy New Year, Happy 2022
Love to all, Love to you
Live to Love. Love to Live
It is the only thing that grows, the more that we give

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