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Gratitude and thanks to those that support us.

It looks like my new garb as “blogger” fits me on a weekly basis! At first, I thought it would call me to my keyboard as a daily adventure, but organically speaking, it has manifested thus far as a weekly activity. It has been almost a week since our first video. We received lovely and inspiring commentaries, which I must say thoroughly infuses one with more enthusiasm. It is like having a cheer leading team of the honest kind. It reminds me actually of how I felt when my husband and I danced our flamenco show, and since it is customary to shout out the “ole’s”, he was quite generous with these additions while I performed my solos. And yes, I am not kidding you, that really fires one up. It always made me smile inwardly and outwardly; and with much fervor did I continue the flow of the dance. And now, in this new phase of my life, I feel the same supportive embrace from many of you, and equally it makes me smile and might even trigger a few tears as well, from gratitude. Gratitude to those who reacted and to life itself. Because it has been truly “life” which has brought this forth, has instilled the creation of it and allows it to expand. And so I say “thank you, thank you” and remain smiling, uplifted and deeply content...

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